Chris Ellis to Challenge Nancy Sikes-Kline For City Commission Seat 5

Who? Yeah we're asking the same thing, but we have plenty of time to find out. Anyone who feels a noble calling to serve their community by taking part in local politics is on the right track. For now...

Below is his press release...

Chris Ellis Announces for St. Augustine City Commission St. Augustine, Fl – Today, Chris Ellis filed paperwork to run for Seat Five on the St. Augustine City Commissioners Board. Mr.Ellis is currently the lead officer for a contractor security firm in providing security and protection for the public and personnel of the Florida National Guard Headquarters in downtown St. Augustine. He has been recognized by his fellow officers, peers and personnel for his commitment to exceptional customer service and stewardship. He is a married father of four with a long record of community service within our city and county.

“Traffic gridlock. Too much flooding. A downtown overrun by vagrants. Taxes and fees being increased while services are decreased and no real plan to manage the effects of growth. Question: Are we better off than the last 10 years? No.“The incumbent has had ten years in office and things in our city aren’t getting better.” We can do better and will do better.

I’m a leader who identifies problems and works well with a team to take action and get efficient and effective results in a timely manner. That’s what our citizens have been pleading for and that's what they deserve,” said Ellis.

In 2018, Mr.Ellis rescued a family with several children from an overturned car after a serious traffic accident on SR 16. In recognition of his life saving courage, heroic actions and leadership, Governor Rick Scott awarded Mr.Ellis the Governor’s Commendation Medal in which Army Major General Michael Calhoun presented him with the award. He also received the Abe Schneider Award for Acts of Heroism from St. Johns County Sheriff David Shoar and the St. Michael Service Medallion from his Security Agency for saving their lives.

Mr. Ellis has volunteered hundreds of hours of his personal time and expenditures with expertise following numerous hurricanes over the last decade to help residents whom were hit hard by these disasters spanning from Louisiana to Palm Beach County, Fl and back home again. He and many others led teams of volunteers to aid St. Augustine residents following the recent Hurricanes Matthew and Irma which devastated our local communities both in the City and County.You may know them as Helping Hands or the yellow shirts.His largest focused areas were the Davis Shores, St.Augustine beach and West King areas where he spent countless days and nights with full support of my family. “I absolutely love the diversity of our community and its citizens. I am eager, highly motivated and very excited to work for the citizens of St. Augustine,” I will work for you! literally. said Chris Ellis.

We'll be interviewing all the candidates to get your questions answered and help you get a feel for who they are, starting with the candidates for St. Augustine Mayor. I look forward to the opportunity to talk with Mr. Ellis and other Commission candidates as well.

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