MORE PEOPLE: Who Voted For And Against New Development Plan

On Tuesday, St. Johns County Commissioners voted on a project to add 426 residential units. Here's how the vote went...

Jimmy Johns - For

Jeb Smith - Against

Jay Morris - For

Paul Waldron - Against

Henry Dean - For

The proposed project is on about 572 acres, of which 325 acres will be preserved wetlands, located west of Interstate 95 at the intersection of Longleaf Pine Parkway and Veterans Parkway. Developers say they want to build a maximum of 426 residential units, a maximum of 187,500 square feet of commercial space and a maximum of 152,500 square feet of office space on the property, which is currently used for silviculture.

Commissioner Jay Morris, who identified himself as the biggest thorn in the developers’ side during last year’s discussions, said he was impressed with their willingness to address community concerns and to provide road improvements before vertical construction.He said the county doesn’t have the funding to make those improvements and that it’s likely going to have even less funding to work with if the proposed expansion of the homestead exemption is successful at the polls later this year.

Commission Chair Henry Dean said he felt developers had gone “above and beyond” what they were required to do in order to put together a palatable project in terms of impacts on classroom sizes and traffic.Commissioner Jimmy Johns went ahead and made the motion to proceed.

The project had received a 6-0 recommendation for denial from the county’s Planning and Zoning Board, which had expressed concerns about school and road capacity combined with the county’s lack of funding to make up ground.

As much as I hate to admit, the St. Augustine Record covers things adequately sometimes. For a more detailed version of this story, READ HERE

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