Boyfriend Stabber Comes To Her Own Defense - Has No Future As Lawyer

We all know by now that if you negatively engage with a story on My 904, you might become the story. Just ask rich obrien, the Meth Pirate's family, and Adam Morley's "Campaign Manager"/Event Promoter who obviously can't win campaigns or put on a good event (Failed Harry Potter Fest).

Today the (Allegedly) stabbing, biting, robbing woman from this morning's story came to My 904 on Facebook to call the story 'Fake News.'

Because everything's fake news when we don't like it today right?

She disputed the allegations and said she was at work at the time of the alleged incident.

She also used the word 'Popo' to describe police. A word I thought had been dead for decades.

Here she is below in a recently public video posted to her Facebook page, apparently getting 'snitched on'. Those are beach cops though, so I don't think the hard knock street vibe fits well.

In the spirit of telling both sides of the story, here was her response...

Ok little miss gangsta... We definitely believe you're not capable of stabbing your boyfriend with a pair of scissors. You've definitely convinced us all.

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