ZOMBIE BUGS: 'Infected Mosquitos' Let Loose In St. Augustine

If you hate the regular bugs in the summer, get ready for the GM upgrades!

A batch of "Infected Mosquitos" was recently released in St. Augustine to try and help control healthy mosquitos. The idea in many of these programs is that these "Infected Mosquitos" will breed with healthy mosquitos, which renders the healthy mosquito sterile from that point on.

Three times a week, 40,000 at a time, a total of 120,000 mosquitoes are discharged in a 20-acre zone in West Augustine that is being used in a trial aimed at controlling the local mosquito population.

It's said to help control the spread of disease such as Zika Virus, and Dengue Fever.

This short video report from First Coast News notes that the mosquitos carry a disease that doesn't affect humans. Still many are worried about mutant mosquitos that have only been tested in large numbers for a few years.

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