FAVORS: Candidate Dick Williams Raises Big Money From Developers

The commission races are already starting to interesting, and one thing that residents are paying attention to this season, is the money trail. People today know that in politics, favors have to be returned, and donating big money to a campaign tends to result in big asks later on down the road. It's one reason St. Johns County is in the unmanageable mess of growth we're in now.

One candidate in particular has raised a few red flags as his monetary breadcrumbs lead right to the pockets of big developers.

Dick Williams has raised a ton of money from the development industry. Of his 120,000 raised so far, MORE THAN HALF is from developers!

For Williams, who served on the county Planning and Zoning Agency before running for elected office, the bulk of his contributions is coming from the building/development industry.

In June, he raised more than $28,000. About $20,000 came from donors aligned with construction or real estate (including heating and air conditioning companies).

For the campaign season, Williams has received more than $60,000 from those with obvious, direct ties to building and development interests.

That from the St. Augustine Record, who shockingly has listened to people and become slightly more focused on local issues. About damn time.

Williams has not yet replied to a request for an interview on My 904. Every other candidate that we've asked has agreed to the sit down.

To view Williams' full campaign finance reports, visit the following link...


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