AGAIN: City Ignores Input and Approves Unsupported Contextualization

July 10, 2018


It was another long night of public speaking at St. Augustine City Hall as people (Many who were not residents on either side) argued over the language on the contextualization plaques, set to be added to the war memorial downtown. 


Those who sided with Ron Rawls still argued that they believed the monuments should be removed and was not in favor of the plaques. He said he would continue to protest until nothing less than tear down was done. Those who are in favor of the memorial, argued that terms like "White Supremacist" should not be used on the plaques, and were also not in favor because of the language.


Both sides were oddly in a strange sort of agreement, with almost no one who spoke, on either side, being in favor of the contextualization plaques. In the end however, commissioners voted 4-1 to move forward with the plaques as they are currently written.


Mayor Shaver was the only one on the commission who asked that the language be changed, and brought back to the commission for further consideration.

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