American Flags BANNED From Bridge Of Lions?

It was recently brought to our attention via the group, "Fly 'Ole Glory' on the Bridge of Lions" that there is a group of patriotic residents in St. Augustine, looking to make sure the American Flag is flown from the poles on the lions bridge.

This may seem like a simple and easy request, but as it turns out, the city opted some years ago, not to fly flags from the bridge.

Former State Legislator, Doc Renault explained on Facebook earlier this week, that the situation is not so cut and dry though.

Renault says that he tried to have flags flown on the bridge, and even wrote legislation to do so. However because of an earlier decision by former city officials, he says he was not able to enact that legislation.

The problem is, as he put it, that if the city were to fly American Flags, they would also be required to fly any other flag, at any other time upon request, due to the area being an "open venue." This opens the doors to potentially offensive material being required to fly on the bridge in place of 'Old Glory' at any given time.

Rather than allow any flag to be permitted, they chose to just not to allow flags at all on the bridge.

Resident and former Commissioner, John Reardon has promised to speak in front of the commission tonight in support of flying the American Flag on the bridge.

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