FIGHT: Embassy That Everyone Hates Files Appeal To Force Waterpark Down Our Throats

The controversial Embassy "Guests only waterpark" (Not available to the local public) decision was appealed by the developer this month, for the approximately 4,000 square foot, 28.5-foot tall water park the developer plans to install in the northeast corner of their property adjacent to Anastasia State Park in St Augustine Beach.

The St Augustine Beach Commission unanimously turned down the request to modify the final development order to include the water park, which would further dominate the vistas from the entrance to town on SR-312, Anastasia State Park and adjacent beaches.

On July 2nd, the developer filed court documents requesting a response from the City of St Augustine Beach within 20 days of serving the petition, a hearing for oral argument, and a Writ of Mandamus from the court requiring the City to issue the contested permit. The big question now is how will the City of St Augustine Beach respond? The next City Commission meeting isn't until Monday, August 6th.

- St. Augustine Beach Hammock Preservation

SIDETONE: The developers usually show up at these meetings, and I would suggest being there yourself, and talking with the developers very personally, face to face, and telling them your thoughts on their invasion of our community. I plan on doing just that myself.

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