EXPLOSION: The Record is Blowing my Mind With Their Fake Pandering and Side-Swapping Today

Just hours after the St. Augustine Record (Gatehouse Media) tried to warm people up to the idea of developing Fish Island, and just weeks after they tried to convince us that the (guests only) waterpark at the beach Embassy was a good idea, they've now come along as asked the Beach Commission to... Hold their ground on the blocking of the waterslide?

Keep in mind, the Record literally hasn't ever taken this (resident majority) side of the Embassy argument.

Who are they trying to impress today? They literally JUST told us how much we'd love the new addition to our landscape...

From a piece called, "Embassy Suites the latest business to make a big splash in St. Augustine Beach." May 16-

While people who grew accustomed to the enhanced view will certainly miss the clear vantage of the ocean, it will be difficult to find anyone who misses the hotel that the Embassy Suites replaced. The old Beachfront Hotel, which started as a Sheraton in 1974, was pretty much rotting on the beach before the property was sold and the old hotel was demolished in 2014.

The Embassy Suites, which is slated to open in the fall, is one of the projects that’s part of a freshening of the area rather than a transformation.

Jason Kern, the general manager of the new hotel, is a Flagler Beach resident who’s also worked in Daytona Beach. He knows the area and appreciates what an exceptional opportunity this is to bring a luxury-style hotel to the beach here.

(Not true, the area clearly has voiced multiple times that they do NOT appreciate the hotel, and don't see it at all as an "opportunity.")

The whole thing appeared to be a paid for advertisement by developers of the Embassy Suites.

So what happened, did the Embassy stop advertising? You can finally speak on behalf of locals? Or is this stance just until the Embassy jumps back on board and writes you a check?

Here's the thing, St. Augustine Record, we all know you don't really care. You should really just stay out of the business of pretending...

Still, faking or not, they are right about the commission holding their ground.

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