PHOTOS: Sauced Jesus Curses Cops, Drives Over 100mph, Gets Arrested

A 100-mile-an-hour reckless ride through St. johns county ended with a deputy nearly getting hit by the driver. Deputies say Mark Snyder, 59, was drunk when he nearly plowed into pedestrians before nearly ramming a patrol car.

Snyder has been arrested several times in St. Johns County. Witnesses told deputies that Snyder was spotted driving his Dodge Challenger more than 100 miles per hour along U.S. 1 south around Old Moultrie Road and running.

Deputies say Snyder also drove through the Flagler Hospital parking lot. Snyder eventually crashed into a culvert. After being cuffed, he made verbal threats to deputies.

He reportedly told deputies, "I hope they kill you. You're going to pay ... F***ing piglets."

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