DOMINOES: Mayor Nancy Shaver Pulls Ads From Historic City News

Contacted on Friday morning, Shaver declined via an email to The Record to say she would distance herself from Gold or Historic City News or offer comment on the purported exchange. “I have campaign advertising on the Gardner Report, Historic City News, and soon the Saint Augustine Record,” she wrote. “It would not be appropriate for me to comment on what I understand to be an ugly personal exchange between the campaign manager of Jackie Rock and Michael Gold.”

However, after the My 904 article dropped this afternoon, Mayor Shaver sent My 904 a full comment on the issue, and a change of heart...

"Our City has a rich history of many races and cultures–and yes, we have our differences, but ugly hateful name calling is not who we are. This week a vile personal exchange between the campaign manager of a candidate for Mayor and the publisher of a digital news outlet became public. As a candidate, I have advertised on this outlet, and done so in my past elections. I have known my opponent’s campaign manager for years—and I’ve gotten along with them both. But there are standards of civility that I believe everyone has a right to expect—and more importantly to behave by. I will no longer be advertising with Historic City News. It’s time for the name calling to stop- whether it’s calling an African American person “colored” or tossing out the term “racist” or “white supremacist” (as I have been labeled ) to describe a white person. We are all in this together and can treat each other with dignity, respect and consideration even if we disagree. This is our hometown, and we are neighbors-let’s act that way."

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