RUMORS: Bill McClure Behind 1st Round of Infamous Mailers

Rumors online started swirling as to who was behind the anti-Shaver mailers received today by residents of the City of St. Augustine. Bill McClure seemed to be the consensus.

This would make sense given that Shaver's only other competition is Jackie Rock, who has been mysteriously silent on local issues, or local politics in general lately, and vagrancy has never been something she's expressed huge concern for.

They did appear to be more effective, at least initially than the mailers were in the last Mayoral race, which Shaver's opponent took a lot of heat for.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Most likely this is the work of a Political Action Committee that supports McClure, and not the candidate himself. In many cases the candidate is not aware of things like this until they hit mailboxes. Many times candidates are not even allowed by law to know what's going on in a supporting or opposing PAC.

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