REJECTED: Fish Island PUD Turned Down 5-0 by PZB

City Hall was packed today as the Planning and Zoning Board met to vote on the PUD that would impact the Fish Island development. In fact, around 50 people were forced to watch the meeting from a TV outside, because the Alcazar Room was stuffed to max capacity.

D.R. Horton wanted to purchase the property and rezone the land from Commercial Medium-2, Residential General Office A and Open Land to Planned Unit Development. The developers also want the planning board to approve the preliminary subdivision plat.

The PZB turned down the PUD 5-0, with Carl Blow being a no show.

If there is an appeal, which there likely will be, the issue will go back before the city commission, but for now, we win the day.

While some are ready to give up on fighting development, this is the second time in a row that a St. Johns County City Commission has rejected developer attempts at expanding upon their original plans, after massive public outcry.

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