Dick Pulls Out

Dick Williams, candidate for County Commission District 4 was scheduled to take part in our CONVO series (which every other viable candidate has participated in) this week. Unfortunately, the day before we were set to record, he abruptly pulled out.

Williams promised to reschedule the talk for later in the week, but has been unresponsive in our attempts to book another date.

His opponents say this is a typical Dick move, and that he has cancelled a number of appearances this election cycle. It appears Dick isn't up for a challenge.

For a candidate who has sent out mailers which bragged about him not having a job, and being able to dedicate all of his time to the county commission, he has apparently already shown that he does not have the time to make himself available, even for short periods of time.

His opponent, Erika Alba was able to record a CONVO this week, which will air this coming Wednesday.

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