Local Proposal Gone Wrong? 'You F***ed My Sister!'

This is the kind of stuff we love here at My 904. A video was posted last night, and tagged at Harry's downtown, showing a man getting down on one knee in what looks like a proposal.

Wait staff and diners cheered for the two, until things took an unexpected turn.

The woman seen in the video looks at first to be excited, but then as she walks up to the man, she can be heard saying, "You fucked my sister," which she repeats after slapping him hard across the face. She then storms out of the dining room.

The video was posted by Brandon Collins.

After a couple comments, fb user Alma Ra, who looks to be the woman in the video responds saying, "Lol it’s one of my close friends.We were just joking around. It’s was a group of us just doing silly stuff all around town lol."

Either way this is a great video! I might like it even more knowing it was all a prank. One thing is for sure, that slap was real!

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