RAVE: My 904 Takes Over Rant & Rave Group - Promises Positive Changes

It's official, the loudest ranting and raving news site in town has just taken over all responsibilities of the largest rant and rave group in town.

This is going to get FUN!

I hope you will join and invite your friends to do so as well, as I will focus much more attention on positivity, and fairness to local business owners.

My post to the group this morning:

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend is off to a great start!

I know you've been waiting, and asking a lot about how this groups "rules" will change. Truth is not much, with the exception of some key elements that you said you though would improve the group.

For so many people, this group has served as a valuable resource in St. Augustine. It’s done a lot of good for a lot of people, and today it's going to change for the (even) better, and focus much more on positive experiences. Being a business owner is hard, and getting crushed here can really hurt business and hit your pockets. I don’t want local business owners to fear this group. I think it’s important to promote great local businesses, and also to give others a chance to make things right, before they get a negative post here. We don’t want to give bad reputations to honest, hard working business owners who may have been having a rough day at their establishment when you visited. It happens.

Here are the NEW (less) "rules"/guidelines/suggestions for Rants and Raves!

——— Guidelines———

1 - INVITE YOUR LOCAL FRIENDS!!! To help celebrate the new, friendlier vibe, let’s get as many locals in on the conversation as possible! If you find the group beneficial, you can help your friends have the same experience! This is a closed group, which means we can’t easily “share” posts, but members have access to great bonuses we’ll be doing like giving away PRIZES to local establishments around town!

2 - I want to stick to the theme of this group, which is Rants and Raves. No ISO, no pyramid schemes or magic shakes and body wraps, no BS. Rare exceptions might be made, but if your post isn’t approved, it’s only because it doesn’t fit the “Rant/Rave" format.

3 - I’m encouraging VIDEO AND PICTURE REVIEWS for your rants and raves. We all have phone cams. Let’s use them more on this page! This isn’t a rule/requirement necessarily, but it’s fun to have a visual to go with your Rant or Rave!

4 - ADD TEEH WITH VERIFIED RANTS: If you’re going to post a rant about a LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESS, please include some sort of text communication of your attempts to resolve the situation with managers or owners, along with your rant. This sends a big message to people who use bad business practices and ensures the Rant is valid. If the owner is unwilling to make it right (most business owners will always try to make things right and win you back) or writes you a nasty response, then we’ll approve the rant. If you had a truly bad experience, it’s fair and necessary to warn others in this group, and around town. There will be exceptions in rare cases to this, and I might revise and adapt this rule over time to figure out what will works best to get the most impact out of legitimate rants.

*** Rants against large corporate chains will see exceptions more often since it can be harder to get in touch with owners, and they should honestly have their act together by now for the most part.


A big part of the success of this group is the brutal honesty we’ve come to love, and find extremely entertaining. I’m a huge fan of free, honest, open and entertaining speech! I’m personally not going to chime in or interfere much in posts. However, if I’m tagged in a truly offensive post, some action may need to be taken. If your posts are extremely offensive (racism, physical threats, etc.) the person who posted will have to leave the group immediately.

ALSO I will be lifting many people’s “bans” on this group. Real people (not trolls) as long as they’re local, will be removed from the ban list. There are a lot on there so give me some time on that if you have a friend who wants to be part of the party again! If you have a friend you would like to see back in the group, tag them below and I’ll try and find them on the ban list and take care of it.

There will be NO BUSINESS BAN list starting now. This is a big one for many people, and especially legitimate business owners that I’ve talked to, who just got a rough break here. Your opinions on ALL local businesses will be welcomed, good or bad! This group will not discriminate based on past personal experiences.

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