POWER GRAB: City Commission Gives Themselves Control Of All Other Boards

Nancy Sikes-Kline was the only "no" vote in Monday's decision to grant complete control over boards like PZB and HARB. The city commission voted 4-1 to give themselves the power to remove any other board member they wish, for no hater reason then they dislike that person, or say, a corporate developer influences the commissioners.

Commissioner Todd Neville requested this new change take place, and was the first to request its approval at the meeting.

This is a huge loss for residents and a huge win for the potential for extreme corruption. If anyone on PZB were to stand in the way of the commission now, the commission can remove that person.

Commissioners say they want rules in place to quickly get rid of city board members, staff and others in a timely manner, with NO CAUSE NEEDED. Commissioner Leanna Freeman said it could take "months or years" to prove cause, even though they just removed a board member in weeks, using a process that is already in place.

As you can read below, there is now NO reason needed whatsoever to remove any board member the commission chooses. Members of the PZB for example, now have to fear retribution for standing in the way of issues like Fish Island if they dare to vote against the wishes of the commission.

This vote was a complete sham and stands in the way of due process, and checks and balances for the city commission.

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