IT'S TRUE: Ned Pollack Sells 'Ned's Southside Kitchen'

Many locals don't know what to think today as Ned's Southside Kitchen officially announced that new ownership will be taking over.

Ned has personally assured me that the restaurant will be as great an experience as ever, and he'll still be around for a while in transition. He says he is very encouraged by the new owners ability to run a business, and he expects things to remain the same at Ned's, including the staff and signature dishes we've all come to love.

In a statement on their Facebook page, they said,

"Yes, the rumors are true and the restaurant has been sold. Ken, the new owner, is a 'really nice guy' who recognizes and appreciates what makesNed's so special. He's going to keep everything pretty much the same - including the name, and the kitchen, management, and serving teams. And Ned is going to hang around awhile to help with the transition ... and maybe even hand out some tortellini salad every now and then.

But, most importantly, Ned wants each and every one of you to know that he is more than grateful for your support over all these many years...and that you have all made his dream of "cooking for his friends" come true for him every single day. You will all always be like family to him"

While we will all miss talking with Ned when we go in, we can all expect the same great service, high standards, and low prices.

We all want to give a HUGE thank you to Ned Pollack for everything he's contributed to St. Augustine's food culture over the years. He is a treasure in himself and we are lucky beyond belief to have had him in the kitchen for as long as we did.


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