ACTION: St. Augustine Review Sites Look To Prevent Another Restaurant Closing

On Sunday, I received a post in My 904 Rant & Rave, from a local who was concerned about another business that looks to be closing their doors. Jimmy's Pizza has been in business about a year, and are just starting to build momentum as positive reviews pour in to local review pages and websites.

The post mentioned that it was not necessarily over for the family owned business, but that they would need a huge infusion of cash to stay alive. I made sure and encouraged people in the R&R group of 19,000+ members, to go visit this week, and bring us back your reviews!

Shortly after, the same post was also shared to Auggie's Fresh or Frightening Food Reviews, St. Augustine's fastest growing food review group (15,000+ members in just 4 months). This prompted owner, James Taylor then put out a major call to action.

Members of each group are being encouraged to visit Jimmy's pizza this week, at 100 Center Creek Rd, out by St. Augustine High School, and submit pictures, videos, and reviews to My 904 Rant & Rave, and Auggie's Fresh or Frightening, to raise awareness for the pizza joint.

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