Daytona Hotel Developer To Replace DQ - Looking For Amendment To Upsize Already

I went by the Dairy Queen building recently to see if they had opened back up, and was surprised to find a notice that the property had been purchased by an out of town Hotel developer. Not only that, but they are already trying to rezone the property in order to offer more rooms than the city would now limit them to.

On October, 2nd, the St. Augustine PZB will hear arguments from St. Johns Law Group on behalf on Shri Hari Lodging Inc. "To amend the Future Land Use Map designation from Commercial Low Intensity to Commercial Medium Intensity & rezone from Commercial Low 2 (CL-2) to Commercial Medium 1 (CM-1) on property for a proposed hotel."

Shri Hari Lodging Inc. is registered to an address in Daytona (the very place we're hoping we don't become).

Opponents of this proposed amendment argue that if this out-of-town hotel developer's amendment is approved, that it could open the door for other hotel owners to construct "monsters" across town.

This is definitely a meeting to talk with your city officials about.

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