NEGLECTED: St. Augustine Coming Together To Save Historic Black Cemetery In Disrepair

After seeing a story on the news last week about some of St. Augustine's historic black cemeteries that are in terrible states of disrepair, Matt Deitz, member of the My 904 Rant & Rave Facebook group, called on the community for help in restoring the Woodlawn Cemetery.

Deitz says the county now owns the property, but that there's "not enough funding" to keep it up.

Deitz has made several trips himself, with just his own lawn equipment, to help mow sections of the run down cemetery.

After his post hit R&R, many in the community stepped up and offered their time, equipment, and experience to help restore this cemetery.

They need all the help they can get, and if you're interested in volunteering your time, members of the group have set a date and time of Oct, 6th, at 9:30am. You're encouraged to bring any lawn equipment you may have, and some helping hands.

Below are pictures that Deitz shared to the group. The pictures show the sad state of the property, as well as some of his work to renovate its condition...

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