SALTY: Will Salt Life Owners Expand To Hamblen House Restaurant?

It would be a huge business move for Salt Life owners to take control over the restaurant space at the Hamblen House, which is now somewhat up for grabs as the legion post 37 is now out.

It is rumored by some close to the situation, that owners of Salt Life may be the front-runners to take over the property. They have apparently jumped through all the proper hoops and are primed to take over.

Salt life has been a polarizing establishment for many people on the island, some upset about issues including their parking overflow.

Another restaurant owner rumored to be interested in serving as management for the restaurant, include Michael Lugo, of Michael's Tasting Room. Lugo has stated in the past that he did previously bid to run the Hamblen House during the renovation process. Lugo has also said previously on My 904 threads that he believes that the Hamblen House property should continue to be used to benefit local veterans, now, and in the future.

Details are coming in but this is definitely something that should be on your radar.

Who would you rather see running the restaurant?

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