LEAKED: Flagler College Planning More Expansion - Residents And Commissioners Caught Off Guard

In new leaked "Strategic Plan" documents provided to My 904, Flagler College appears to be planning another expansion, with the addition of more student housing, as well as a 36,000 square foot science building.

Flagler College has traditionally been met with pushback during most of their expansion proposals, from residents as well as members of the Planning and Zoning Board in St. Augustine. John Valdes, who previously served on the PZB did not recommend expansion in the past while on the board. This issue will have to come before the commission, likely on Valdes' time, and it will be interesting to see how he approaches this decision as an elected city official.

Much of the concern comes from the fact that Flagler College sits on historic preservation land, and is supposed to be very restricted in expansion. They will most likely have to build on historic land, a concept that residents are not typically fond of.

These plans for expansion are news to commissioners, and residents in the area, all of which that I've spoken with, had heard only vague hearsay, if anything about the science program, however no one appears to have received any official word from the college itself.

I reached out to Flagler College President, Joe Joyner yesterday for comment, however I'm told he is out of town at a conference. It was also relayed to me that Joyner is calling this document a 'brainstorming doc as a set of ideas for the board,' a statement which would seem to imply that the college is not necessarily expanding. If this were just a draft however, why mention this expansion, the cost, and the studies so many times throughout the document?

Other sources tell us Joyner has said he is "100% committed to implementing it."

As soon as I have word from Joyner, I will update My 904 with that information.

Below are a few screenshots from documents that were given to us...

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