GET OUT: Candidate Chris Ellis Calls For New City Manager To Replace Regan

Chris Ellis, candidate for City Commission seat 5, is committed to seeking a national search for a new city manager if he is elected. Ellis released the following statement earlier today...

“I have had the opportunity to study and evaluate the city manager's performance. I closely followed his most recent evaluation by the city commission in December. I agree with a number of the points made by the Vice Mayor about major deficiencies in the city manager's performance during that December evaluation.

Under the current city manager’s leadership, the city is not making sufficient progress on traffic, flooding, managing growth, and city finances. Taxes and fees increase while services are cut and our infrastructure declines. He's had eight years on the job and we now pay him almost $174,000 a year. We can do better.

A national search would enable us to choose from outstanding candidates who could help us produce real success on the major quality of life issues affecting our residents. I strongly support a national search for a new city manager,” stated Ellis.

Ellis is the first to make a public statement calling for Regan's job.

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