REMEMBERING: Local Mother Asking City To Honor Her Daughter With Local Park

The Mother of Jamie Wilson is hoping to have her daughter's name honored with a local park.

Jamie Wilson was shot and killed in 2016 by her ex boyfriend (who does not deserve to be named here).

Her mother, Zemetra Carswell, who is a domestic violence advocate, and volunteer nurse at the Wildflower Clinic, is now looking to adopt a park in the Rollins neighborhood near where her daughter was killed, and dedicate it to Wilson's memory. Carswell says she is now in the process of getting petitions signed, and presenting these, and other documents to the city in hopes of renaming the park.

The desired name would be "Jamie Wilson Rollins Neighborhood Park of Peace"

Ms. Carswell also says that some funding may be needed to do so, and she is looking in to those options as well.

She says there will be a petition signing Friday, October 19th from 3-6pm at the current park's location in the Rollins Neighborhood. She will also be setting up a "future project fund" with Wells Fargo in the near future to help with costs.

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