VIDEO: Crazy Hipster Tells Mayor Shaver 'Kill Yourself' During School Speech - Triggered By

Officers were forced to drag a man out of a classroom on Thursday, after he went on a tirade about statues and protesters.

Cyrus Bowie was taken into custody Thursday afternoon after he broke out into a tantrum in the middle of a classroom during a symposium at the community college. In the video, he says he was triggered by an article in the St. Augustine Record about protesting and free speech.

During the man's prepared speech he proposed a solution to the monument debate, asking that Mayor Shaver kill herself to resolve the issue. He also tried to start one of those unoriginal, played out "hey hey, ho ho {whatever Rachael Maddow tells me to be mad at}'s got to go" chants, which was met by no one else joining in with him.

Aaaaaaand this is why no one takes 'protesters' in this town seriously.


The article in the Record says that they City Commission was hoping to limit free speech of protesters downtown (even though only like 7 people show up to these things). City officials say they just want to protect people's safety (from said 7 protesters).

Surprisingly to some people who watch only FOX NEWS, the college students were actually visibly disgusted by this nutcase and his "protest," and cheered as the Mayor suggested he leave the room for acting like he was four years old.

Regardless, asking the Mayor to kill herself has just made my 904 look pretty tame huh?

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