MURDERED: Slain Rapper Had Ties To St. Augustine

Most people who listen to hip-hop will remember the smash hit "moolah" playing non-stop on the radio a couple of summers back, from the artist, "Young Greatness". You may have woken up this morning to the news of his passing at the hands of a shooter, while he was face timing his manager in a restaurant parking lot.

Moolah music video -2016

He was a strong up and comer recently, and was backed by some heavy hitters in the industry, including Jazzy Pha, and Akon.

Young Greatness (Theodore Jones) steadily climbed the billboard charts in 2016, and was cramming multiple liver performances into single nights, sometimes appearing in three states over the course of just a few hours. He was truly the definition of hustle.

During that time, we happened to be on the road with him. He hired my close friend and local music video director, Rick Frazier to be his tour videographer, and Rick would hire me from time to time when they needed more than one cameraman. They filmed everywhere from the hottest clubs in Miami, to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

He was truly living the rockstar life.

Young Greatness even shot music videos and recorded songs here at Frazier's Full Circle Studio.

Our exclusive behind the scenes footage of packed Miami club show

We send our deepest condolences to his family during this terrible time.

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