RIGGED? Record Predictably Endorses Candidate Who Pays Them

First of all, why is the newspaper in the business of telling you who to vote for? This is something the Record needs to do away with, especially because of the fact that, just like in every other case, the Record is pay to play.

This is why we don't take ANY money from political candidates. It takes a sledge hammer to your credibility as a news outlet.

For instance, Nancy Sikes-Kline paid the St. Augustine Record almost 1,000 for advertising this campaign season. Her opponent, Chris Ellis, did not run one ad, or give any money to the un-credible, big developer propaganda spewing ex newspaper. Skies-Kline was invited to debates, where Chris Ellis was left out, and now, the Wrapper predictably endorsed Sikes-Kline just yesterday, coincidentally right after her financial records show she gave $495.00 to the Record for ads (on 11-1).

Above: Nancy Sikes-Kline's campaign money spent with the Record (Source: Supervisor of Elections Office)

In the case of the debates, Chris Ellis said he gave the Record numerous times that he would be able attend, but that the debate revolved around the Record, and Sikes-Kline's schedules only. This gave Sikes-Kline unchallenged time to speak her piece, while being handled with kid gloves by the paper's staff.

Sikes-Kline has been in office over 10 years, and is very friendly and politically savvy, however many in the city feel they are in desperate need of change, with Ellis being a prime challenger. Ellis' community service record is impeccable, and he is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty for St. Augustinians, even occasionally saving people's lives. You know, that thing you say you'd do but would probably freeze under the pressure? Ellis has done it.

He is a guy who puts people first (and has NOT ONCE paid My 904).

I have seen first hand his passion for the community, as he took on the role of organizer in the recent clean up of the historic black cemetery clean up on Woodlawn drive in West Augustine.

While we do not dare to tell people how to vote here, I can definitely vouch for Ellis' character as someone who truly wants the best for the city of St. Augustine. If no one else is going to let the man tell his story, I will.

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