HIT: Distillery Premiers New Bourbon Made In St. Augustine

A little rain didn't stop people from showing up to the St. Augustine Distillery yesterday to try out their newest creation, The Saint.

They say it's a barrel-strength, old fashioned bourbon. It's unfiltered and untouched.

It's crafted from locally sourced grains that are cooked, fermented, and distilled in the award-winning, historic St. Augustine distillery.

Here's how it will hit your senses:

NOSE: Sweet and warm with notes of Toblerone, charred sugar cane, molasses and sea salt.

TASTE: Full-bodied, balanced and complex. Big start, followed by caramel, praline, and cocoa.

FINISH: Long, warm, lasting. Toasted vanilla, maple, molasses, and caramelized sugar.

It's definitely worth a try, and is available now at the St. Augustine Distillery.


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