PROTEST: Petition With Minimal Periods (Punctuation), Looks To 'Save Oldest City'


That's the petition headline on Apparently we're not talking about "Big Tourism" or development interests. We're talking "vagrants."

The petition, is basically a giant run-on sentence asking the city to get their act together and offer more help and resources regarding the issue of the growing homeless population downtown.

The petition reads:

"We, the citizens, past, present and future, business owners, employees, visitors, historians, parents, teachers and other concerned individuals, implore the governing officials of the City of St. Augustine to apply their due diligence and commit to enact and enforce laws, regulations and policies which promote safety, cleanliness and respect for the city and work hand in hand with concerned citizens and activists to remedy the present problems with safety, sanitation and historic preservation, visited upon this beautiful hometown and tourist destination by those who CHOOSE vagrancy, illegal drug use, public intoxication, urination, defecation, vulgar and harassing actions, robbery, theft, physical violence, littering, trespassing and defiling public and private property and committing crimes against persons and property, including public property which is recognized and designated on the NATIONAL REGISTRY OF HISTORIC PLACES. We ask that you work with us and not against us in our desperate and fervent efforts. We also wish it understood that there is a vast difference between homelessness and vagrancy, between those who truly need and want help and those who choose the transient lifestyle, and we wish it known that there have been and continue to be efforts by private local citizens to extend care and assistance to those who genuinely want help returning to a more stable life, but we will not tolerate the desecration, vulgarity and criminal behaviors of those who lead the vagrant lifestyle and travel to our city from other states to take advantage of our resources and panhandle from our tourists and have no intent or desire to become, in any way, contributing members of society at large. Please help us help our city and preserve its past for generations to come. Thank you."

The link to sign the petition>>> HERE

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