SAFETY: Local Parents Upset - 'School Bus Stops Are Dangerous!'

"The problem is people in this town don't care about a school bus stopped with its red lights on. They will just go right through. My kids bus stop is right on US1 and I'm sure many other parents have stops on main roads as well. For 4 years now I have been dealing with this, and this year has become the worst of all of them."

These are the words of Brendan Bernhard, a concerned local father who is searching for solutions to this problem, before someone gets hurt.

In his search to find solutions, he says he has talked to the St. Johns County Transportation Department, as well as the Sheriff's Office, but he says neither offered him much of an answer to his concerns.

That's when he found

Bus Patrol's website says they aim to increase safety, by implementing a camera monitoring system on the outside of school busses, to catch drivers who run the busses stop signs.

"We bring you closer to your child‘s journey and make those who care for your children more accountable by increasing safety using HD video & archiving. We use some of the same technologies in your smartphone including GPS, HD video, cloud storage, real-time updates, analytics, and encryption. More technology means more accountability and more security for the wellbeing of our children. This is the most modern solution to a basic necessity: enhancing and protecting the lives of our kids," Bus Patrol.

Bus Patrol works with local law enforcement to help them keep track of who is violating the law when it comes to stopping for school busses.

They say the program is free to schools, school boards, bus operators, and municipalities.


Would you be in favor of equipping school busses with camera systems?

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