Porpoise Point Could Close To The Public If A Few Get Their Way

CLARIFICATION: This pertains to vehicular traffic (for now).

Commissioners will be discussing the future of public access to porpoise point just after the new year.

A big talking point seems to be the tide. If you're not used to conditions in the area, you may find yourself in a tough spot if you're unprepared when tides rise, especially in a vehicle.

"One or two" residents have complained about the area, and they believe that only commercial fishermen should have access, said one Commissioner I talked with. Those couple people, along with the commission may decide the fate of the area if no other public input is heard.

One reader of The 904 Now did mention that she sees the dangers associated with Porpoise Point, and believes we may need to be more cautious regardless.

Jennifer Wills says, "The problem with porpoise point is that it is very unpredictable and constantly changing. The last two years we have lost two young people off the rocks because of the very violent shifts in the current. Because it’s not an actual “beach” it is actually part of the st Augustine inlet the area is very unstable. The tide there is one of the strongest in the county and very dangerous. For people who aren’t following the tide or get distracted while there they are putting themselves at risk to be stranded or worse with the drastic reduction in safe driving areas with the tidal changes. Including swimming."

This is why it's so important to be involved locally, instead of just waiting for drastic changes to happen, and then bitching about them when it's too late.

If this is an issue that you strongly believe in, on either side, you should make sure and plan to be in attendance on Jan 15th when the Commission is set to discuss the topic.

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