RAGE: Beach Residents Heated - Being Silenced On Paid Parking Opposition Say Some

Special beach commission meetings will be held on Jan, 8th to further their plan to implement paid parking on Anastasia Island.

Let's remind everyone of one thing. All running incumbents were reelected in 2018, and residents of St. Augustine Beach trusted their current commissioners to act on their behalf when they voted. This is not something commissioners should ever take lightly.

With that said, residents are now pissed off (again) that beach commissioners have taken them this far down the paid parking hell hole.

Recent polling indicates that 95% of residents do not approve of the plan to start charging for parking. Many now say that the commission does not seem to have taken resident input into consideration through the entire process.

More troubling is that residents say they're being snubbed as far as presenting their case is concerned.

Folks have submitted requests to present their information in full at the special meeting, but they say they have only been granted 2 minutes "just like everyone else," to discuss the issue. This is hardly enough time to lay out a proper case, especially with the extensive work that some people have put in to compiling information regarding the issue.

It does seem however that entities such as the Embassy Suites have been given free reign on their time to discuss their side of an argument.

Some say they have also been denied crucial public records requests leading up to the meeting, which would give locals more insight into the project. Some believe the commission's actions in keeping information private may violate sunshine laws.

The 904 Now will be watching this issue very closely and will have numerous updates leading up to the meeting.

As it stands right now, it appears beach residents will get a significant discount on parking.

Many believe residents should not have to pay for parking at all. An option that appears to be available through the app the city plans to use. People also feel that the full discount should apply to all St. Johns County residents.

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