SJC Commissioners Vote To Keep Porpoise Point Open To Vehicles - For Now

It was a packed house at this week's county commission meeting, with everyone speaking in favor of keeping beach access open to the public on porpoise point.

Some commissioners dismissed the importance of this meeting, claiming that there was never any discussion regarding closing beach access, but as Commissioner Waldron pointed out, many times a seemingly "unimportant" meeting can have devastating impact if the public does not show up and represent themselves.

We do know for a fact however, from direct communications sent to The 904 Now, that some commissioners were in fact concerned that this meeting could lead to closure of the beach for the general public (vehicles), due to a handful of complaints.

This was an agenda item, and if those against vehicular access HAD shown up instead of the people in favor of beach access, we may have seen a swing, or at least a step in an unpopular direction.

Commissioners did acknowledge the response from the residents, and thanked those in attendance for their concern about their community.

In the end, Commissioner Waldron made a motion that was approved, to keep vehicular access open, and to monitor beach conditions.

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