GRAPHIC: Local Women Search For Justice In Alleged Hate Crime

A local woman is taking to social media for answers after she says her wife was assaulted over her sexuality last night.

Lisa Villasana posted this to social media today:

"THIS is the result of a HATE CRIME. Amanda and I were out downtown enjoying our night, and minding our own damn business when she accidentally bumped into someone at the bar. He called her a “dyke” and next thing I knew he was beating the shit out of her."

According to Lisa, "She was transported to Flagler Hospital where she received stitches and underwent a CT scan of the skull, determining a chipped bone on the right side of her nose."

In a Facebook post, she says that the suspect jumped over a fence and escaped as police arrived on the scene.

Witnesses described the attacker as an african-american male, about 5'9" with jeans and a white t-shirt.

Villasana says that there was a police report filed, however police considered her wife to be the aggressor due to the fact that she "threw the first punch" following the derogatory slur. She says there was a report filed.

"Everyone regardless of their gender has a right to use self defense. This went past self defense," says Villasana.

Amanda Villasana says the man was temporarily restrained by bouncers, but "booked it once he heard police were coming." She says police never caught the man but also never pursued him. "We're told they're looking for him now."

First punch or not, there is no excuse for inflicting this much damage on a woman.


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