VIDEO: Security Footage Released In White Lion Bar Fight That Landed Woman In Hospital


Friday night, January 18th, 2019, an incident occurred at the White Lion between a female named Amanda Villasana-Brennan, and an unknown male individual. There have been quite a few stories already posted online concerning the incident that have been somewhat one-sided. Since the incident occurred, our employees and establishment have received harassment and threats of violence over the phone. The White Lion has been accused of being anti-LGBT, having security personnel that enable violence against women because of sexual orientation, and that our employees allow individuals to freely beat on others without intervention. All of these accusations are without merit.

The safety of all of our customers and employees is our highest priority at the White Lion. It is for this reason that we have decided to respond to the incident that happened Friday night with this post and security footage. At the cost of time with our response, we have taken steps to secure the privacy of the uninvolved patrons in the area where the incident took place. We are posting this video, not to prove who was right or wrong, but to show that our staff reacted to the best of its abilities in a timely manner, and that there might be more to the narrative than most people realize.

Though the time stamp is not always visible, these index points are a break down for the video that follows:

11:48:00 Posted Video Starts 11:48:44 Verbal altercation begins between Amanda and Male Individual 11:49:07 Amanda takes an aggressive stance while walking toward Male Individual 11:49:10 Amanda being held back by her acquaintances 11:49:12 Amanda pushes Male Individual a few feet 11:49:13 Amanda throws first punch hitting Male Individual in the face 11:49:14 Fighting breaks out between Amanda and Male Individual 11:49:25 Security personnel separate Amanda and Male Individual 11:49:37 Security personnel check on and stay with Amanda 11:49:42 Male Individual pushes away from security personnel and leaves establishment 11:49:45 Security dials Police for help 11:50:00 Posted Video Ends

11:52:14 Police Cars arrive 11:52:59 Police Officer is on-site with Amanda

The posted video shows that the entire physical altercation was very brief and that our security personnel responded within roughly twelve seconds of Amanda throwing the first punch and her hitting the male individual in the face. It also shows that Amanda decided to forgo getting any help from the bartender within a few feet of her, and instead decided to escalate the situation from a verbal confrontation to a physical one.

The St. Augustine Police Department was given a copy of our original footage the night the incident occurred. We at the White Lion are committed to assisting them in any way as they investigate this matter. We have closed our establishment for the last few days to insure the safety of our employees while we put together this response.

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