VALDES: Media Jumped On Mayor Shaver's Bandwagon Before Facts Came Out

This has been a topic of huge discussion lately (91-93 coquina ave) but now that all the information is finally available (which only happened a couple days ago) I spoke with Commissioner John Valdes about what he says was a rush to judgment by the mayor and the local media. I also asked him about all the valid concerns people have.

I wanted to speak with Mr. Valdes because he has not only spent a huge part of his life as a builder, but is also big on historic preservation. He is probably the most insightful commissioner to speak with on this topic, and he brought up some interesting points.

If you're concerned about this issue please take a look at our unedited talk. I take no sides, I just asked questions that I've heard from people. Definitely got some answers.

Also make sure you attend the next meeting this coming Monday, as this will be the day that the final decision is reached.

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