NEW MAYOR: Tracy Upchurch May Add Much Needed Sanity To City Commission

After former Mayor Nancy Shaver announced her retirement, the City of St. Augustine had to begin their consideration for her replacement.

This morning they chose Tracy Upchurch (left), who is a Flagler College professor and previously served as Mayor from 1990-1992.

While we were all genuinely (especially the blogs and fish wrapper) impressed and charmed by Nancy Shaver and her fun and engaging personality, and I truly believe she meant the very best, let's be very honest with ourselves, the City of St. Augustine did not fare well under her brand of leadership, which seemed to create unnecessary division between commissioners at times, and disarray within the city, as she used her personal attack dogs in the media too often in order to push her agendas, and sugar-coat troubling concerns that the public had about her performance.

I believe most people would agree that quality of life within the city has suffered over the last few years.

Some are encouraged that Upchurch may bring some much needed structure back to the commission.

Others however are concerned that Upchurch's ties to Flagler College may result in more development and expansion of the campus, which already seems to be enveloping the downtown area.

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