'Low Percentage Of Flagler Students Feel Safe On Campus' - Internal Survey

A leaked staff email seems to indicate that Flagler College's Title IX coordinator, Jessica Kobryn thinks there is work that needs to be done in the area of student safety.

Recently, students took a survey for the college, with questions that included the area of school safety.

"We are concerned by the low percentage of those students (69%) who said they feel safe while on Flagler’s campus. A safe campus is important to Flagler, and our work must improve to ensure that every member of our community feels safe." Said Kobryn in the 2018 email.

· 50 of the students who responded indicated they have been the victim of unwanted sexual contact by force or threatening harm, or sexual contact when they were not able to provide consent. Alcohol was involved in 39 of the incidents, and 13 were on campus.

· 64 of the students who responded to the survey have had an experience where a person attempted to initiate unwanted sexual contact, or have suspected someone has had sexual contact with them when they could not consent. Alcohol was involved in 41 of the incidents, and 11 were on campus.

In the email, Kobryn goes on to write, "These survey results demonstrate that we must make progress increasing student awareness of on-campus support and services. I will take the steps to strengthen trust and ensure that students feel comfortable reaching out for help."

The next survey will be taken in the spring of 2019.

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