Miss Mary Retires, Surf Station Looks To Continue Shaved Ice Tradition

SURF STATION - For 21 years of The Surf Stations's 34 years existence, there has been Shave Ice on our corner. We have been told in the shop it is "the best shave ice in town" many times over the years. Tory Strange, the owner of The Surf Station, announced on his personal facebook page yesterday that the person who ran the shave ice operation, Miss Mary, has retired. Tributes poured in to her and she will be greatly missed. With those tributes, and in addition to missing Miss Mary, the overwhelming response has been "Don't let the tradition of Shave Ice on the corner of 1020 Anastasia Blvd die." So the Surf Station family is looking into keeping the tradition alive. We will do our best. Tory is going to reach out to Miss Mary and see if she will share some of her shave ice secret recipes, so we can carry on. It will take a while to set this up, so the usual March opening for shave ice on our corner going to be pushed back.

We ask for your patience. We are going to ask Miss Mary to come and visit, we hope she does! In a phone call to Tory, Mary expressed how much she loves this town and her customers. And we know this town and customers love Miss Mary. We wish her nothing but the best in her retirement. She has earned it!

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