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Commissioner Takes Heat After Allegedly Threatening Contractor Using Her Government Position

April 24, 2019



City of St. Augustine Commissioner Roxanne Horvath is under fire for allegedly telling the owner of Hobbs Land Development that she could shut down his joist because she was a commissioner.


The contractor told The 904 Now that Horvath blamed his company for bricks that were dumped at the end of her property line. Big problem with her argument was that there was grass growing through the debris and the concrete had barnacles growing on them. This would seem to indicate the debris had been there for a while.


The concrete was also in a spot that was over 100 feet away from the contractor's job site.


After owner Rick Hobbs told the commissioner that the bricks could not have come from his job site, he assumed the discussion was over.


Horvath later allegedly called the contractor and threatened to shut down his joist on the ground that she was a city commissioner.

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