Embassy Suites Continues Push Back Against SAB On Waterpark - Says Judge Got It Wrong

Attorney, Jane West posted something earlier online that needs to be shared. Despite massive outcry of disapproval from the public, decisions by the Beach City Commission, and a ruling by a Judge, Embassy Suites has their hearts set on defying the will of the city they've just moved into.

JANE WEST, ATTORNEY - Embassy Suites filed a Motion for Rehearing in the splash park case. Arguing that Judge Lee Smith got it all wrong. Straight from the Motion: "Because of the purported “Final Order,” the Court may have inadvertently relied on "findings" not actually made to determine whether the proposed structure met criteria that the City did not actually apply."

The community breathed a collective sigh of relief when that Order came out, so this came as a surprise (to me at least). There seems to be a serious disconnect between this corporation and our community.

Oh, and they hired a new law firm too. So we, the tax paying residents of St. Augustine Beach, are going to have to keep paying attorney fees just to defend the well reasoned denial of that plastic boondoggle of a splash park. Awesome. Good thing I never got around to getting that celebratory drink there. If you want to vent directly to them instead of just tooling around on FB, here is their contact info: Key International, 848 Brickell Avenue, Suite 1100, Miami FL 33131. (305)377-1001

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