DECLINED: Hefty Wanchick Contract Not Renewed

St. Johns County will have a new county administrator at least by 2021, but it could be a lot sooner.

The County Commission on Tuesday decided not to renew Michael Wanchick’s contract for the two-year period that it stipulates. However, instead of terminating the agreement at the end of the calendar year, the board offered an extension through 2020, to expire Jan. 1, 2021.

His current agreement automatically renews for another two-year term unless the Commission gives Wanchick 180 days prior written notice of its intent not to renew. The deadline to provide the notice is July 5, which is why the Commission took up the issue in May.

Wanchick was not asked to immediately answer whether he will accept the new term. He wanted the full extension of the current contract, which is set to expire Jan. 1, 2020. But three commissioners — Jeb Smith, Paul Waldron and Jimmy Johns — voted against that plan.

That meant the Commission could inform Wanchick that it will let his current contract end as scheduled without renewal, or it could offer a new term.

After talking to Wanchick about it during the meeting, he indicated that he would like to to have two more full years in the job and would accept an extension through Aug. 1, 2021. Instead, the Commission voted for a shorter term.

Now the decision rests with Wanchick, who has been the administrator since June 2007. He is expected to give an official answer as soon as the next scheduled Commission meeting, which is June 4.

Under the current agreement, Wanchick receives a base salary of just less than $214,000.

Full Story: The Record

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