Officials Want Your Input On Vacation Rentals At Tonight's Commission Meeting

City leaders in St. Augustine want to hear from residents at Monday's commission meeting about their concerns when it comes to vacation rentals.

While the business may be a good source of income, some neighbors have said rentals are costing the city some of its character.

Restrictions for vacation rentals in the city are already in place, but there's talk about adding more to the list.

City leaders want the community to provide input at the meeting before making any decisions.

Some of the main concerns regarding the vacation rentals include more street parking, more noise, loss of familiarity with neighbors and loss of a sense of community.

At a workshop last month, city leaders listed off some of the options for restricting vacation rentals, and Monday's meeting is a chance for people to give their feedback.

The latest numbers show there are currently more than 400 vacation rental properties in the city, with the most being in Lincolnville and Davis Shores.

The rules right now include any one- or two-family homes rented more than four times a year are restricted to a 7-day minimum rental. Owners can't rent out to more than 20 people at a time.

Some St. Augustine residents said the rules weren't enough and need to be tighter and more closely regulated.

The potential regulations include registering all short-term vacation rentals, limiting the number of guests, requiring on-site parking, prohibiting special events at the vacation rental and requiring general liability insurance.

Time for public comment is on the agenda for the city commission meeting, which begins at 5 p.m. The topic and discussion should begin about 6:15 p.m.

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