St. Augustine Beach Banning Single-Use Straws, Plastic Bags And Styrofoam

July 2, 2019



In a meeting on Monday, the St. Augustine Beach City Commission declared two new ordinances that will ban the use of straws, plastic and single-use styrofoam in the best interest of public health and litter elimination efforts.


The City Commission says that the ordinances will give businesses a grace period until January to allow them to deplete their current stock of single-use carryout plastic materials and transition to reusable or compostable alternatives.


The ordinances will go into effect Jan. 1


Those who are found in violation of the ordinances after January will receive a verbal warning followed by a $50 fine, and then a $100 fine for each additional violation.


The ordinances state that single-use carryout plastic items are harmful to the environment when they make their way into the food chain and can injure animals such animals as jellyfish and endangered sea turtles.


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