DENIED: Commission Says No To 'Vested Rights' Parking Garage And Amphitheater For Mission

St. Augustine commissioners unanimously denied a request by the Diocese of St. Augustine on Monday night that would have allowed the Mission Nombre de Dios to build an amphitheater at the mission grounds on San Marco Avenue.

The Diocese was seeking a determination of vested rights, an acknowledgement that the Diocese already had the rights to build based on the site’s history.

The request came after the Diocese removed a previous request to the city of land use and zoning changes. Plans for a parking garage at the site have, at least for now, been taken off the table. Residents opposed the earlier proposal and what the Diocese presented on Monday.

Commissioners said the request didn’t provide enough information about how the grounds might be able to change or intensify if vested rights were granted.

Commissioners also raised concerns about allowing something that might add traffic to San Marco Avenue.

[Source - St. Augustine Record]

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