OPEN THE RAMP! Adam Morley Petitions County To Open Frank Butler Boat Ramp

August 3, 2019



You can sign the petition HERE


As of publishing this article, the petition has about 160 signatures, and it lists Morley as the originator of the petition.




Frank Butler Boat Ramp, south Anastasia Island’s only public ramp with adequate parking, has been closed for almost two years limiting public access to the Matanzas River and the recreational opportunities of our residents. This hurts local businesses and families who depend on the River for their livelihood and enjoyment.


The ramp has been closed for a dredging project that only benefits a few while limiting the access of the many residents who use that ramp. The project was supposed to end and the ramp was to be reopened in February 2019. The project failed to be completed in a timely fashion and has now been extended through the rest of the boating season.


We are asking that swift and meaningful action is taken to reopen at least a portion of the park and boat ramp to allow access to our residents. One potential solution until the project is complete is to remove a portion of the fencing around the  pavilions and allow vehicles to drive through to the boat ramp, launch, and park in the field.

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