Mission Ignores Neighbors, Residents & City - Applies For Amphitheater Permits

Despite overwhelming disapproval from their neighbors, and multiple denials from the city commission, it looks as if the Mission Nombre de Dios has now filed for an Environmental Resource Permit for an amphitheater on their grounds. This came just two days after a denial from the city for vested rights.

This appears to be a clear indication that they plan to move forward with the structure, regardless of the fact that most residents, and commissioners do not believe this would be in the best interest of the city.

One major complaint is the strain that a venue like this could put on the flow of traffic, in an already over congested area.

The Facebook group "Save StA 2020" who has been very active in keeping up with the mission and their agenda, had this to say on their page:

"The Diocese has submitted plans for the Amphitheater to the City for permitting to Public Works. The plans appear to lack substantial information, so we expect the City will be requesting more information from the applicant.

We feel it is critical that we try to stop this through the ERP application if at all possible, as that will severely limit the development as planned. We understand our best partners in this are at the Dept. of Historical Resources in Tallahassee. This organization was instrumental in helping preserve Fish Island, so we are hoping they can do the same here.

Please email them with your concerns about the history of the site, the importance of preserving the site for continued archeological studies of indigenous peoples and our city's history as well as continuing concerns with storm water and flooding in our historic neighborhoods.

Contact info for sending emails:

Jason Aldridge: Jason.aldridge@dos.myflorida.com Tim Parsons: timothy.parsons@dos.myflorida.com"

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