Will 'St. Augustine Love Carousel' Replace The Previous One?

It might sound like the name of a poorly filmed 80's romantic movie (that may accidentally have come off as creepy, and included slightly too much artsy nudity for the time).

It could be a real thing, aimed at replacing the void that over 37 (estimation) St. Augustinians now feel after the old carousel was hauled away this week.

I can't believe we're still talking about this, but...

A GoFundMe has been set up to try and raise funds for a replacement carousel at Davenport Park. The person listed as starting the fundraiser is John Reardon. Donations go towards the "St. Augustine Love Carousel"

The goal is set at $100,000, and it's raise $911.00 as of this post.

You can visit the GoFundMe page HERE

City officials have said they would be open to private partnership in bringing another carousel to town.

FROM THE GoFundMe PAGE - "St Augustine has had a wonderful Carousel in our Community for the past 20 years, allowing so many beautiful and loving memories to be created. This Carousel was lovingly placed here by Jim and Peggy Soules and enjoyed by so many. With the passing of Jim the Carousel had to be moved. RIP sir and best wishes Peggy. Now it's time for us positive, loving, giving people to replace the Carousel with a new Love Carousel! People coming together to raise money to locate, purchase and re-locate another wonderful, festive, musical, colorful Carousel for children and families and visitors to create beautiful, loving memories again. Americana at it's finest! ...Please give. Please donate. Help be a part of replacing a beautiful amenity and loving experience that should be replaced in our wonderful Community! We will create a Facebook Page for the new Carousel as well. Thank you!"

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