TEACHER APPRECIATION: Donate Gift Cards For Local Teachers This Friday!

This weekend, St. Johns County residents have a chance to show their appreciation for our community's great teachers, by donating gift cards to INK (Investing In Kids).

Folks can drop off gift cards Friday the 27th, from 9a-5p, at Foxtrot Print (205 Waler Way #2, off dobbs) that will be distributed to local teachers via INK.

"INK collects everything from school supplies to gifts for teachers. In this case – the gift cards that people drop off here at Foxtrot will be given to teachers to show our appreciation to them as well," said Grant Paxton

"INK creates and participates in many different programs that help/support the students and teachers of St. Johns County. These gift cards are one of the many ways INK provides teachers with a form of appreciation. Our goal for Foxtrot and our customer appreciation, is to show our community and customers how much we love their business!! -and- Link up with a local non-profit to support the community (teachers are a big part!)."

For more information contact Grant Paxton at grant@foxtrotprint.com

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